45 Marc Spagnuolo

What’s it like being a wood whisperer?

What happens when you whisper at wood? When Marc Spagnuolo does it, it talks back…but in a nice way. He gave up working in a lab or cubicle for the adventure of starting a podcast on woodworking. Even more surprising is that his wife supported his efforts. And the show has been a hit. Marc’s advice: buy your equipment before you leave your day job. To check out Marc’s site click here.

Use the player below or click this link: Marc Spagnuolo Interview


2 Responses to “45 Marc Spagnuolo”

  1. What’s It Like Interview | The Wood Whisperer on September 27th, 2011 6:04 pm

    […] Whisperer as a business, as well as me on a personal level, you’re gonna dig this interview. Check it out! ← Charity Build Plans […]

  2. MarkinPhx on September 29th, 2011 8:42 pm

    Great interview!! As a big fan of the wood whisperer, this was great content to hear. Marc is an awesome woodworker!! Before I found his site….I had always wanted to take of the craft but finding any “how to” information was difficult. Since joining the Wood Whisperer Guild I hace built a few projects using Marc’s video’s as a guide……and I have had a blast!! He has the ability to explain things in every day language that is easy for the beginner to understand yet will keep the interest of more experianced woodworkers. I has also become apparent to me over time that he and his wife are just good ole down to earth nice people.

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