37 Justin Robert Young

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What’s it like to be a magic writer?

I’ve interviewed Brian Brushwood and Andrew Mayne, so how could I not include JRY to complete the trilogy? He’s a comedian, writes about magic, and is remarkably clever. Other descriptors: journalist, podcaster, atheist, blogger, marketer, online publisher, promoter, and gun lover. Weird Things site click here

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32 Andrew Mayne

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What’s it like being a magician?

Andrew Mayne is an illusionist, magician, writer and podcaster. He’s worked for some of the biggest names in magic, created magic tricks that will astound you, and put everything you need to know about magic in a book. Actually, several books. He’s also writing e-book fiction on Amazon.

His multifaceted career might be traced to growing up on two coasts but it’s not likely. It’s more likely that his quick wit isn’t easy to cage. His grandfather taught him his first magic trick but Andrew’s main insight was that adults can be fooled. Magic, then, is really just a game of critical thinking.

So Andrew’s best advice is to enjoy the illusions of a magic show but don’t be fooled about who you are. Understand your core values, be yourself, and, when in doubt, look at what makes you happy. And then do that. For Andrew Mayne website click here.

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04 Brian Brushwood

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What’s it like to be a magician?

He speaks well, tells jokes, stays in shape and travels a lot. He is a one man show. And manages to make a good living doing an unusual job. Brian Brushwood is a magician.  He can do cards and sleight of hand. But he is best known for bizarre tricks: escapes, eating fire, and pounding a steel spike up his nose. For the college crowd, his live show is the biggest event on campus. Brian is the Conan O’Brien of magic. For Brian Brushwood’s site click here. It will magically open.

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